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Näfelser Fahrt: Marching Band from Glarus
Marching Band

Näfelser Fahrt: Catholic Church Delegation
Catholic Church Delegation

Näfelser Fahrt: Cantonal Government
Cantonal Government

Näfelser Fahrt: Political Speech
Political Speech

Näfelser Fahrt: Marching Brass Band
Marching Brass Band

Näfelser Fahrt: Prayer Stop
Prayer Stop

Näfelser Fahrt: Reading from an Old Document
Reading from an Old Document

Näfelser Fahrt: Press Photographer
Press Photographer

Näfelser Fahrt: Sermon

Näfelser Fahrt: Portrait Shooting
Portrait Shooting

Näfelser Fahrt: Capuchin Monk
Capuchin Monk

Näfelser Fahrt: Soldier and Family
Soldier and Family

  Näfelser Fahrt: National Anthem
National Anthem


Näfelser Fahrt is an annual commemoration day with processions, marching bands, political speeches and sermons to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Näfels back in 1388. A documentary of an old tradition that seems slightly odd compared to everyday life in modern Switzerland and is somewhat avoided by the majority of the local population - as a young lady from the region puts it: "Though I've grown up there, I've never attended this event." [reference]

Näfelser Fahrt takes place on the first Thursday in April, unless (like in 2007) this happens to be the day before Good Friday. In this case, the event is postponed for one week.

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Photos taken on 2007-04-12 in Glarus and Näfels, canton Glarus (GL),
Switzerland - Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra - Suiza - Suíça

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