Näfelser Fahrt: Marching Band from Glarus

Näfelser Fahrt: Catholic Church Delegation

  Näfelser Fahrt: Catholic Church Delegation  

A delegation of the catholic church arriving from Glarus at the meeting point for the annual memorial day "Näfelser Fahrt" to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Näfels back in 1388.

The event is a special mix between folklore (costumes), politics (all government members and an army detachment present) and religion (the catholic church is present with clergy, crosses and banners). Once again a striking example for the close relationsship between church and army in the past. Not quite representative for Switzerland today, however - or as a young Swiss lady commented on one of the preceeding pictures: "I grew up there, but I've never been to this event". Mixing up state and church activities has a certain tradition, particularly in central Switzerland, however declining and less obvious in everyday life.


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Photos taken on 2007-04-12 in Glarus and Näfels, canton Glarus (GL),
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