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Näfelser Fahrt: soldiers and families

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Brass band musicians (in blue uniforms), church choir singers (left background, right in front of the battle monument), Swiss army soldiers and a few civilians form a colorful, though slightly odd picture at the Näfelser Fahrt.

While taking part in the annual commemoration day reminding of the battle of Näfels back in the late middle ages (1388) is an opportunity for the marching bands to show their musical talents, the traditional event is no longer very popular among the local population. Only a few hundred spectators (compared to a total population of the valley of 38,000 people) were marching along from Glarus to Näfels despite the fact that the day is a cantonal holiday. Especially younger people were mostly absent, but there are always some exceptions to the rule ...


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Photos taken on 2007-04-12 in Glarus and Näfels, canton Glarus (GL),
Switzerland - Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra - Suiza - Suíça

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